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Preferences: For threadhopping just ask, fourthwalling is a no thanks. No preference between prose or bracketed tags, or length! Can play around between short and long tags depending on how fast the action needs to move at that moment (I am a sucker for writing masses of introspection though, be warned!). Writing smut is fine. I love very, very many kinks and will throw together a comprehensive list sometime. Character death no thanks. Non/dub-con, no thanks. (Consensual roleplay of dub- or non-con is fine). Just ask about anything, seriously! I'M FRIENDLY :D
Backtagging: I drop things very easily because of writer's block or low motivation, and then worry about how long it's been and that it would be dumb to start up again. If you want me to continue with anything PLEASE JUST ASK, I WOULD LOVE TO IF YOU WOULD LOVE TO <3
Tomari Shinnosuke

I'm in Top Gear!


NAME: Tomari Shinnosuke

CANON: Kamen Rider Drive


RANK: Pawn




Tomari Shinnosuke had been known as a fantastically skilled and perceptive police detective, a shining star in the force, until the night of a world-spread event that came to be known as "Global Freeze". That night, everyone on Earth was affected by a phenomenon known as "Density Shift" (or more commonly, the less technical term: "Slow-Down"), which - as you may have guessed - caused people to experience a sensation of moving and responding to things much more slowly than usual.

Detective Tomari and his best-friend-slash-partner Hayase Akira were chasing criminals at the time of the Global Freeze, and the sudden change in timing caused Tomari's gun-shot to miss its intended target and instead explode a volatile generator right in Hayase's path. Hayase Akira was taken to hospital, and though he survived he was put out of action as a police officer, perhaps permanently. Tomari has never recovered from this, becoming a slacker at his job to hide his deep-seated guilt, and becoming a source of constant exasperation for his new partner, Shijima Kiriko.


BACKTAGGING: Yes, forever!

4TH-WALLING: No thanks.

THREADJACKING: Probably, please feel free to ask!

MIND READING: Yes, that's fine. Shinnosuke gets easily flustered though ;)



SEX: Sure!


KILLING: Shin has experienced death and revival in canon, so I'm up for it, but he will have emotional scars from it, so be prepared to deal with the aftermath.



JOURNAL: [personal profile] emothy

PLURK: [plurk.com profile] emberlina


/*-------TEXT HERE-------*/


- Protect Chase
- Crossdressing (stockings and heels)
- Adopt little brothers/sisters in need
- Love confession
- Be Gou's voice of reason
- Call Kiriko his "buddy/good buddy".


/*-------TEXT HERE-------*/

shin_niisan: (girlshin8)

[Shinnosuke bangs on the door to Gou's apartment, highly aware that his voice sounds slightly hysterical. And female. Verrrrrry female.]

Gou! Open the door! ["It's Shinnosuke!" is just pointless to say; all Gou has to go on is his voice, and it's not his own right now! It's all weird and new and kind of terrible. ] Gou, I need your help!

[Maybe if he says something unusual that will kick Gou into responding.] I know all the Roidmudes are gone, but this feels like something they could've been capable of! I need you to let me in!
shin_niisan: (if you're troubled)
[ The day is not going to plan. Shinnosuke was supposed to take the rookie under his wing - like he has done with various rookies a hundred times! - and show him the ropes by taking him out on the beat. It was unlikely that anything extreme was going to happen, considering it's a day shift and criminals tend to like the added cover of darkness to obscure their work, but this, this is just...

Shinnosuke sighs, wishing they'd stayed in the patrol car and not parked it a few blocks away. If they had been cruising along in a car this wouldn't have happened. He wouldn't have an elderly woman hanging off his arm and smiling up at him gratefully, thanking him for helping her cross the road. Although it isn't really a chore, and she is very sweet about it... It's just embarrassing; he's nearly twice her size! And she told him he reminded her of her grandson. Of course.

And rather than wait back on the other side of the road the rookie shadowed him the entire time, didn't he. Prolonging the agony. And now he's grinning.

You better not be laughing at me.

[Though, the more Shinnosuke peers at Detective Kazuraba the more genuinely and harmlessly happy the smile seems to be. He's just been super perky all day so far.

Shinnosuke needs a coffee.
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1. We had sex on the hood of my car and broke the windshield.
2. may or may not have recieved head in the car before we came in.
3. I literally just got propositioned by a sugar daddy.
4. Handcuffed. To. Steering. Wheel. Fuck.
5. [to Kiriko] just so you know, your brother isn't driving home wasted tonight. he is, instead, in my shower screaming about rubbing his butt with my loofah; thought you would be proud
6. (text him)

First Time (Shinnosuke is not a virgin by any stretch of the imagination. Shinnosuke has plenty of experience with dudes! Frotting and handjobs and blowjobs, and... just not penetrative sex, okay? He wanted to so many times, it just never seemed to happen, and now it's this big THING and he's so nervous and excited and can we please, please, please just do it?)

Blow Jobs (Shinnosuke loves blows jobs, giving and receiving. He is sooooo gay for cock 8D)

Non-penetrative (Yes please, let's rut all over one another like horny teenagers; Shinnosuke has yet to grow past that phase 8D)

Spooning (All the spooning, Shin loves an aftersex cuddle. He tends to be the big spoon simply because he's so fricking tall, but he'd love it if someone smaller wanted to spoon him too 8D)

Massage (Shinnosuke wouldn't think himself the type to be able to stay still and relax long enough to get a massage - he thinks he's more likely to give then receive! - but a warning if you do: he's going to make a lot of pornographic moaning noises and probably not even realise he's doing it).

Vehicular (Shinnosuke has such a car kink. It's all Belt-san's fault. Cars make him so hot okay, he just feels sexy and wants to do the sex in them, on them, around them, with them...)


Roleplay (I think Shinnosuke is the type to fall out of character if he's embarrassed or worried he isn't doing it right, this may take a lot of practice, or some really bulletproof scenario for him to pull it off!) (For example: he can quite easily be persuaded to turn his job skills into sexy interrogation time in the bedroom).


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